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Logix ICFs have turned simplicity into a science. Its straightforward assembly is easy to learn and even easier to put into practice, while its design flexibility is an architect's dream. See for yourself – there really isn't much more than meets the eye:
The science inside.

1 Intuitive assembly
Affectionately known as "giant Lego", the hollow Logix blocks simply stack together.

2 Continuous foam insulation
Two thick, continuous Logix Pro foam panels envelope the home or building to provide an effective wall assembly R-Value of R-25. (Higher R-values are available with Logix Platinum Series and XRV Panels.)

3 Varying cavity widths
Build walls with a steel-reinforced concrete core from 4" to 12" thick. (Even thicker walls can be built using the Logix Xtender Clip.)

4 Low air infiltration
The Logix wall assembly delivers up to 60% lower air infiltration than a traditionally built wall.1 This feature adds to the thermal performance of the foam insulation, and makes the home even more draft-free and comfortable.

5 5-day thermal lag
The Logix concrete core also provides a 5-day thermal lag.2 The thermal performance of the home is enhanced yet again.

6 Greater safety and protection
Logix's steel-reinforced concrete core also protects the home or building against fires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

7 Exceptional soundproofing
The concrete core significantly reduces the penetration of outside noise.

8 Termite resistance
Treated with Preventol, the Logix TX Series even protects against termites.
1CMHC "Monitored Thermal Performance of ICF Walls in MURBs", 2005. Actual results may vary.

2CMHC & NRC/IRC "Field Monitoring Of The Dynamic Heat Transmission Characteristics Through ICF Wall Assemblies Over A Full Year Cycle Of Weather Exposure", 2011. Actual results may vary
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